Meet the Volvo Penta Rapid Response Team

We are here for you
As a Volvo Penta Rapid Response dealer we must meet stringent standards. State-of-the-art facilities, available diesel parts and tools, and top-notch training -- coupled with mobile and fixed-service locations -- are all part of our commitment to your satisfaction.

Preventitive Maintenance

The best we can offer is peace of mind.

Since the majority of all mechanical failures can be directly attributed to a lack of maintenance, we highly recommend to take advantage of  one of our boat maintenance programs.

We take the necessary time to understand your yacht, equipment, hours and usage and develop a Vessel Preventative & Predictive maintenance program based on your specific needs.

With MIDI, you can expect your yacht to be ready when you are.

Emergency Repair

Things can always go wrong. When it gets to boats, they usually do. This is where you need to be able to count on your service technician.

We specialize in being at your side when you need us most. Our certified Volvo Penta technicians troubleshoot your yacht over the phone, or dockside wherever you are.

We stock many OEM parts in our warehouse, ready to be shipped overnight to your yacht.

We service Florida and Latin America

We understand that you cannot take your yacht to the shipyard. This is why we come to you. We offer professional dockside service in Florida and in most of the Latin American countries.